Swiftships goes above and beyond to offer turn-key solutions for its clients. Anywhere. Anytime.

Swiftships continues to provide uncompromised quality through its team of experienced engineers, naval architects, and craftsmen. Swiftships’ proven steel and aluminum hulls has provided commercial supply and shore defense to 52 nations and to 600+ clients for over 67 years.

U.S. Navy approved and ISO registered, Swiftships’ American quality build and innovative designs are the envy of the industry; our unique capabilities are designed to meet the real-world requirements not only to the United States, but to countless governments across the globe. We are committed to customer satisfaction through unique programs that provide warranty services, spare parts and training for the lifetime of a product.

Swiftships Now Offering Maritime Security Services

Swiftships is proud to introduce Swift Maritime Security (SMS), a new service which will offer ocean going vessels and ports a comprehensive package for maritime security services. Swiftships has experience meeting the needs and requirements for both military and commercial applications, providing SMS with valuable insight regarding the growing need for security through high-risk waters.

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